When people ask me if I like being called ‘Andy’ I say no, no, no. I say: “if you must shorten my name, shorten it to ‘Drew'”. Hence the name of the blog. And although “Drawl” is more of a dialectic categorisation, it alliterates nicely, doesn’t it?

I work in the media. I used to be an aspiring screenwriter. Then I actually had to make some money, so went into TV production. I spent the best part of 10 years climbing that ladder and navigating my way through a colourful career. Cut to now, and I am back writing again. There’s the two novels I’m flitting between, the occasional article/column/review/copy writing work I dabble in. There’s the TV screenplays that I bang my head against from time-to-time. And there’s this blog – which has lead to some exciting things and a decent amount of recognition. How wonderful that you can get your material out there without someone actually allowing you to do it.

Where am I now? Well, in 2014 I was coaxed out from behind the camera (didn’t take a lot of coaxing, let’s face it) into presenting. That lead to me being asked onto a regular comedy chat show, where I got to do what I do on this blog but verbally/physically/televisually. I still have my toe continually dipped into the producer pool. I am sort of across all of it now.

If you’re reading this you are most likely a prospective collaborator. If you want to see me write, the numerous blog posts on the site will showcase my satirical media punditry, my arty reviews, my musings on the ridiculousness of existance and my creative mind. If you want to see me on camera, my presenter showreel is here. If you want to work with me, talk to me. If you want to tweet me, follow me. I am multi-media, enthusiastic, good at what I do, and always prowling for exciting endeavours within our fayre industry. This blog, which is still a relatively fresh venture of mine, has already lead to a lot. I hope it will lead to even more…

– Andrew Bullock

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