The title of this post sounds like an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

I’ll keep this brief, readers; because everything is explained in full at the below link.

I have been toying with this idea for a while, and have stayed away from it lest it looks like I am engaging in an act of beggary. However, I’ve been made an offer that I can either go for or poke at tentatively, eventually just leaving as a potentially wasted opportunity.

So I’ve decided to go for it.

I write on this blog, and things have come of it. Last year, my Made In Chelsea series was published in a weekly entertainment magazine, which lead to an overall column about TV and film. And my less tongue-in-cheek reviews have been noticed, leading to work with a variety of other publications.

However – journalistic writing is only one half of my craft; the other half is the creative appetite. And after several years of hawking my concepts and manuscripts to literary agents, I’ve learnt that these people are actually becoming a little bit obsolete. The ones still around will only sign you if you’re Kerry Katona writing part 63 of your autobiography, or if you’re Zoella and you know a good ghost-writer.

So, a few months ago I spent a week in hiding power-writing a complete book – for children. Very different to my usual style but I loved every second of it. I then sent it directly to publishers, rather than agencies, and one of them wanted it. I have now been offered a partnership publishing deal, which is essentially a business collaboration to get the book into print.

But, as with all start-up projects, I am in need of the old cha-ching. As it’s a joint endeavour I need to fund half of it. So I threw in the towel and launched a KickStarter campaign three days ago. Immediately I have been approached by publicists and crowd funding specialists, and I am now working towards reaching this goal. Obviously I’m on the prowl for investors, and I don’t really want to ask people in my life to contribute. This is a business, afterall. Not pleasure. However, click the link below, tell people, ‘back it’, send it to your rich media friends, share it on your social media platforms, spread the word, and if you want an acknowledgement in the final version then by all means donate.

Check out the project here.

Thank you for your time, readers.

– A


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