Here’s part 3/3 of my post-eviction/pre-re-insertion interview with Big Brother’s Simon Gross.

It’s slightly difficult to write much more than just “watch the interview below” at the moment, given that Simon was put back into the house a few days after I met him. I do retain that he’s a harmless man, who was certainly very nice to myself and the Andrew and… team. But one of the things he insisted throughout our chat was that he’s genuine and is always himself; and if this is true, I wonder why he’s behaved extremely oddly since re-entering the house. That isn’t the man I met, which makes me wonder once again who the real Simon is?

Whilst it’s certainly good TV, the tearless crying he keeps doing makes me cringe so hard it could give me a hernia. Above all else, he’s 46 and shouldn’t really be crying every day anyway, no…?

– A



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