I’m not sure the planet cares about Civilian Big Brother any more. Let’s face it – we want to watch Celebrities embarrass themselves under 24 hour surveillance rather than regular people. Would we watch the jungle year after year if it was called I’m A Civilian Get Me Out Of Here?

The only stand-out persona from this new batch of BB housemates, who had the potential to actually provide us with some form of entertainment (be it slapstick, selacious, camp or cringe), was Simon Gross, who became the first resident in history to be ejected on launch night.

Despite behaving in a way that lured the public into blindly voting for him and 4 other housemates to face some form of undisclosed fate, he was actually entertaining. And he wasn’t technically evicted as a direct result of viewership hatred, as resultantly the rest of the house will be.

Anyway – the opportunist in me pounced on the guy as soon as he was buggied out of Elstree for an Andrew and… interview, which he accepted. I won’t lie – I was expecting to be overbeared; but alas, he’s a nice chap. And as I point out to him in the interview, perhaps if he had relaxed on entry into the house, he would have avoided the fate that met him, and we would have seen the man behind the “showbiz”.

Regardless – I have given him a soundboard to defend himself, without someone in my earpiece asking him to get a move on (a la Rylan Clark/Bit On The Side).

Parts 2 and 3 to follow…

– A


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