In the spirit of non-pigeon-holing, I am consciously expanding my new web series of interviews beyond the Made In Chelsea bubble and out into the vast world of “other stuff”. I want to do this. My interest in journalism and interviewing isn’t just about probing people on a particular show that happens to have helped my exposure the most. I’m fascinated in a variety of people in the world of arts, culture, media and entertainment.

Which brings me onto my second set of Andrew and… episodes, featuring the brilliant musician, Al Swettenham, aka Geek Boy. I came across Geek Boy’s work a couple of years ago, and then he re-appeared on my radar a few weeks ago. I was extremely keen to use some of his music as the theme and backdrop sound to this web series, and he kindly agreed. Then I started to listen to some of his back-catalogue, and was hooked. This guy is good! His sound is distinct, strong and on-trend, projecting a uniqueness as well as keeping in-step with the well-loved vibe of today’s electro music. Anyone who’s into this style really must check out his SoundCloud. I found myself listening to the whole page, finally deciding on the track “Yatta!” as the theme to the series.

Check out Part 1 of the interview we shot in London below, and when you’ve done that, check out his music!

– A


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