My co-pundit Hatty Ashdown on The Buzz with Chuck Thomas (on hiatus at the moment) asked me what was the most middle-class thing I did over the bank holiday weekend. I went to the Tate, I spun a yarn about my brief attempts at writing for Waitrose Weekend and I attended an Easter tea at my mother’s house in Henley-on-Thames. I also bought four copies of The Sun to see if I was in it, so that cancels all that out I reckon. I told Hatty that I posed for a photograph in the doorway of a nunnery that has been since converted into luxury homes, because I did that too. Why? For my new blog photos. Take a ganders. Shot and styled by the Larsen-Edgar women of the Windsor Larsen-Edgars. Shot by Debs, styled by Jayne. Thank you ladies, we had a laugh innit. I’m aware some are a bit Burtons menswear/Enya album cover/The Vampire Diaries official 2016 calendar/Ghost Hunting with Yvette Fielding, but that’s the style of the shoot so deal with it. NB: The most middle-class thing the Larsen-Edgars did this weekend was have the following conversation:

Jayne: “I have seen a metallic bowl that matches our new lamps”

Debs: “A bowl for what?”

Jayne: “You know…pistachios”

– A


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