The other day I spent the day all day in studio, rehearsing the new show I am producing, then went to the theatre to watch “Rock of Ages”, as I was reviewing it for Latest Media, then drove home in a robotic state before writing said review in bed at 2am. The review can be read here. I am mad at myself for this paragraph:

The script of this show is perhaps a little weak, but that’s by no fault of anyone involved in this show. On the contrary, the show had me laughing and tapping my feet to the synthy tunes and catchy songs that have been incorporated into this story.

I could cry that I say “this show” twice in one sentence, then say “the show” straight away in the next sentence, followed by “this story” at the end of the paragraph. Anyone who is a write/English scholar/editor/linguist/wordsmith will understand my despair, yet hopefully understand that I was suffering from sleep deprivation.

– A



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