I’ve added another online publication to my repertoire. I am now writing for Screen Robot, a website that comments on film (love it), TV (love it) & gaming (whatever). I doubt I’ll be writing about the latter given that the last game I was obsessed with was The Addams Family on the SNES.

GHOSTBUSTERS IIIThe first article I have pitched to them and written for them is about “Development Hell”. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is the catchphrase used for projects that have been conceived, most probably green lit, gone through a lot of editorial changes, flipped from distributor to studio to rights holder to writer and back again, and essentially left in a creative/financial state of limbo. Sometimes for decades!

There have been a few articles written about films in Development Hell, but there are at least 5 that I would personally love to see happen, that no-one has ever written about. So my article features some unexpected films. There are a couple in there that will probably make you go “oh yeahhhhh, when is that gonna happen,” that you’ll want to see in cinemas as much as I do. Read the article here.

– A


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