My friend Charlotte has now sort of become my artistic director. She took my original PR shots back in December, but this time I ventured out from behind my writing desk and dragged Charlotte to a IMG_1262dark forest so that she could have her creative way with me amongst the undergrowth. It’s one of these forests that people take their dogs or children to on a weekend afternoon to frolick around amidst the autumnal brush. This gives the place a really eerie edge because when you’re there you can hear the sounds of screaming, laughing children from the surounding trees but you can’t actually see anyone else, so it’s all a bit Children of the Corn.

I climbed into a dead tree, I got down into a ditch, I sat on a tree stump, all in the name of art. An elderly couple, out for a Saturday afternoon ramble, happened across us and stood and watched, which was reallIMAG1484y f**king annoying, actually. I gave them my best Blue Steel merged with irritation and they were soon on their way, as I balanced my buttocks on a nimble fence.

Anyway, I wanted a change in artwork for the blog so check out the photo shoot gallery below. Thank you to lovely Charlotte for taking the snaps. For the next one, I’m thinking me at somewhere like The White House, sat at Obama’s desk in the Oval Office, so if you could start looking into that Char, that would be great.

Tomorrow, my Made In Chelsea blogs are BACK. I want word spreading and link sharing and tweeting a-plenty please, so make sure you give it a read.

– A


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