A couple of weeks ago I went to see The Globe’s current production of Macbeth – which is my all time favourite play by Shakespeare. I was blown away, it was phenomenal. Like, literally spectacular.

Those that are regular readers, or anyone who knows me, will very much be aware that I do enjoy a spot of the macabre. So naturally, I favour Shakespeare’s tragedies over his comedies, histories or romances. I think he excels when he writes darkly. I mean, who the hell am I to critique his actual works? But Shakespeare has a knack when it comes to painting a more sinister picture. I almost wish he’d veered away from the royal figures he used as his tragic subjects and wrote some less regal tragedies – this would have given us some even grittier material. Regardless, what I love about Macbeth is the ghosts and witches and blood-stained hands that he throws into the mix.

I hadn’t seen Macbeth for years so I was excited to go. I was delighted to learn that it was being produced in the Shakespearean timeframe. Throw into this the fact that this was taking place at The Globe, and I was chomping at the bit. I went, I saw, I loved. Read the review I did for the paper by clicking this link.

– A


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