A lot of people think bloggers sit in a darkened room somewhere, behind the safety of their computer screens, tapping away furiously at the keyboard, happily spilling their opinions to the world without ever being properly seen. I am not one of these bloggers…I love to be seen. This might explain some of my other endeavours in life, namely the current role I am playing in the Windsor Theatre Guild’s summer production of “The Taming of the Shrew”.BIANCA AND LUCENTIO

I haven’t trodden the boards since uni, where I was in 8 plays and played 11 roles (work that one out) such as the planet of Neptune and Old Father Time (!). Oh, I did star opposite Jenny Seagrove and Anthony Andrews in the Theatre Royal Windsor’s production of “The Letter”, as “Chinese Servant # 1″ in 2006 but I shan’t brag about that. I couldn’t if I tried, to be honest.

Anyway, the production is brilliant and I want to use my blog to publicise it! Partly for my own benefit but also because the Guild are an excellent group of people who I have enjoyed working with so much and I am so excited to get going this week with the production. Opening night is tonight!! The show takes place in the beautiful grounds of New Lodge, Winkfield, which is an old stately home between Windsor and Ascot that used to be owned by Queen Victoria. So it’s all very historical and dramatic and poignant. It’s also all very summery and quaint and rhododendronny.

For those in-the-know, I play Lucentio to my friend Charlotte’s Bianca; for those even more in-the-know, I play Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Charlotte’s Larisa Oleynik. The cast and crew are ridiculously brilliant and all so lovely too. It starts tonight and runs til Saturday and if you’re reading my blog because you know me, then you have no excuse not to come. If you’re reading this because you are one of my loyal followers who don’t know me, then come anyway and say hi after the show (I won’t call security and tell them you’re stalking me…namely because there IS no security).

Click here for more info and to book tickets! Then write reviews and tweet about it!




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