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So, it’s the finale! What an enticing 11 weeks it’s been. And after a, frankly, lackluster performance in Spain last week, do Team Chelsea go out with a bang? Well, it’s no Millie slap-fest 2012, but it’s a corker.

Last week’s predictions: Richard tries to show Fran his underground shelter (RICHARD HAS BECOME ON THE SOFAPOSITIVELY ASEXUAL SINCE KIMBERLEY TOOK HIS HEART AND CHUCKED IT TO THE WOLVES); Louise returns from Edinburgh but it’s revealed that she has actually been at the Scottish Institute for the Clinically Deranged (SHE’S BACK, BITCHES, AND ALTHOUGH NOT STATED, I SPY A PRESCRIPTION FOR SERTALINE IN HER POCKET); Lucy dresses as if she is Fanny Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility (YES. IT’S HOT); Proudlock and Francis decide to scout for women at the Harvey Nics running club (NO, THEIR RUNNING STORY HAS BEEN ABANDONNED BECAUSE IT’S SHIT); the trailer for next…

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One thought on “Made In Chelsea Season 5 The Finale: “I’ll be surprised if they last the summer”

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