Everyone enjoys a quickie on a Sunday morning…so here’s one for you to enjoy. I wanted to list my top 5 Twitter moments from the past week, with regards to my blog…


#5: Sophie Lau ‏@SophieLau: @andrewjbullock hilarious, your #apprentice reviews are the best

Lovely Sophie from The Apprentice likes my blogs. I did comment that she looked a bit like Susan Ma from a past series but this is a compliment because I LOVED Susan Ma. Sophie – you should not have been fired!

18915180e316b833c5c6fb292daba723#4: Francesca ‏@FrancescaMacVandrewjbullock love these renditions of what went on…. Are you sure you weren’t there??? Very funny!

Francesca from The Apprentice also likes them. I wish I had been there, Francesca. We could have rolled our eyes at Luisa in unison.

#3: @VictoriaBH Made In Chelsea S5E7: “I think you should get your face involved in 8ea7ac60078058ab89073f97c6c9f0f8that water” http://wp.me/p2DSwP-gk  Retweet? Retweeted by Victoria BakerHarber

  • This retweet both shocked me and warmed my cockles. A couple of weeks ago I don’t think Victoria liked something I said about her coat, but I am thrilled to see that she approves of this week’s blog! If only she’d been cake judging with Mark-Francis this week, she would have got more Drew Drawls air time.

    9bdbf331d7778b09a8729b932a9ab718#2: Caggie Dunlop ‏@Caggie_Dunlopwhere is the MIC review @andrewjbullock x

    So, yeah this is how I roll – Caggie was seeking my blog this week. She was ASKING for it, even. Amidst a particularly mental time at work I was 24 hours late posting my MIC blog this week, but I hope you still enjoyed it Caggie.

    #1: Jane Felstead @MummyFelstead followed you


    Well, I thought I’d made it to the top when Caggie started interacting with me but this just keeps getting better and better. Binky’s mum now follows me too. I mean, if Caggie is the Queen then Mrs. F is surely the Matriarch. Now all I need is for her to convince her daughter (who I have nothing but nice things to say about in my blogs) to do a bit of re-tweeting, following, mentioning… AND THEN for Binks to get Ollie & Cheska involved. Can you IMAGINE if the fab three followed me…!!!

    A note also to everyone else who has tweeted, retweeted, followed, mentioned and complimented my reviews this week. All comments are read and massively appreciated and retweeted/responded to as much as poss…

    Peace Out!

    – – A


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