After my interview with Parky about his Michelin starred restaurant, I have found myself sort of skipping around Berkshire chatting to various celebrities from the world of food. This next instalment in the series sees me interviewing possibly the best chef in the country. His cousin is the star of Masterchef, and his uncle and father are described as the gods of the food revolution – I guess that makes him the Jesus of it???

I of course am referring to the Roux family, in this case Chef Alain Roux. It’s quite funny how I have found myself writing for a food website when my culinary skills don’t have the best reputation and my idea of a hearty dinner is a bag of arugula lettuce with some tuna deli filler tipped on top. But I find the process of food very intriguing and its certainly an honour to meet a chef of such standing. And he is such a nice man to boot.

Check out the interview, which took place at the world-famous Waterside Inn, Bray.

Andrew Bullock & Alain Roux interview.



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