lipsy_xmas_s5-0073So I wake up this morning to an unusual amount of Twitter activity. In my 7AM blur, I click the Twitter app on my phone and see the words ‘Caggie’ and ‘Dunlop’. No, I say aloud to the early morning light. Can it be?

Yes. It be!

Caggie, Queen of “Made In Chelsea” has not only retweeted my blog of yesterday, she has tweeted me: “@andrewjbullock I enjoyed this very much.” Wow. If Victoria’s mention of me last week was a nice little cherry atop my blogging sundae, THIS is extra whipped cream! AND sprinkles! And a friggin flake!

What’s MORE, it is Caggie’s birthday today (as well as my friend Danny’s…happy birthday Danny). So she bothered to read my blog on the morning of her birthday. You are amazing Caggs!

I click onto the Drew Drawls stats and I learn I have had 600 views before 7AM this morning. As I write this at 8:15AM its gone up to 1,500, in just an hour and a bit. Others have retweeted, I have new followers…its mental how one person giving you a shout out can up your readership.

Caggie you are brill…and if you ever return to MIC (please do) I promise there will be no sarcastic commentary from me about you. Why would I anyway, you’re the best!

This comes after yesterday I was taken on as a freelance writer for Quill too. It’s been a good week for the writing. Keep clicking people!

– – A



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