LUCY BAFTAI thought I would just do a quickie post acknowledging the news that “Made In Chelsea” have been nominated again this year for the “Reality & Constructed Factual” category at the 2013 BAFTAS. Personally, I prefer to think that the show veers towards the “Constructed Factual”. In fact, drop “Constructed” altogether. Just leave it at “Factual”. MIC is reality at its best, bitches!

Anyway, I’ll be gunning for you guys. “I’m A Celebrity…” shouldn’t win because its a bit like an old suitcase now – we drag it out of the attic once a year and scrutinize its weathered leather. “The Young Apprentice” shouldn’t win because as much as I love it, last year an incredibly annoying Irish girl made it to the final and she really needed to be slapped about 6 episodes prior to that. And “The Audience” shouldn’t win because I’ve never watched that.

Last night was the pre-party and Lucy posed with Andy and Binky. Binks, naturally, looked great. Andy stood around looking like a stunned gazelle – only without the African magnitude of an actual gazelle.

The Three Witches were there – Olivia, Fran and Phoebe. Olivia was most probably wasted, Phoebe was trying out this nice top-half/grungy military bottom-half look and was pouting in a stroppy blow-fish kind of manner. Fran was holding both of them up.

Lucy looked stunning and I love her.

Let’s hope they win the gong! Come on guys, let’s hope. Let’s hope hard!

– – A



One thought on “Look at Lucy! Just LOOK AT HER!

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