VICTORIA B HYesterday turned out to be one of the highest readership days on my blog since launching it last September. It seems that I am gathering a bit of a following with my weekly “Made In Chelsea” blog, which is awesome! I have stumbled across a niche here, it would seem. Who knew that sarcastically critiquing a show about sloanes would prove so creatively lucrative. Yesterday, I also had re-tweets from total strangers who came across the blog, Twitter follows from obsessive MIC fans and the Pièce de Résistance, a tweet from Victoria Baker Harber. I don’t think she liked what I said about her coat. It didn’t really make sense unfortunately, I think the spell-check on her phone must of been playing up, but whatever.

*note: I do know how ridiculous it is that I find this single tweet so exciting but I really don’t care*

Anyway, thank you to everyone getting involved and there will be more of the same next week – obvs!

In other related news, I have discovered that Phoebe Lettice Thompson (Victoria’s similarly double-barrelled co-star) writes her own “Made In Chelsea Episode Report” for Tatler. In comparison to mine, her’s is only about 100 words and critiques her co-stars’ deportment, grooming and effort. Phoebe, you’re not doing the stereotype much good by grading your peers as if they are prize-winning show-jumping horses. Also, I found two errors in the following sentence: “Louise should have hit Spencer harder, and maybe with a sledgehammer…that sadly wouldn’t be allowed as Channel 4 does not condone violence, as I have been told repeatedl.” Channel 4 should really be E4 and “repeatedl” should have a “y” on the end of it. Let’s see if she’ll tweet me today, shall we? Go on Pheeeebs!

Whilst on the Tatler website, I came across The Tatler List, which features people “who really matter” (apparently). In the top 20 are people like Richard Branson’s son and Prince Harry’s girlfriend. So basically people who you wouldn’t know about if they weren’t in some way linked so someone who you already do know about. I did notice that at #9 are Jack & Finn Harries – the apparent Kings of Youtube. I like these two – they’re twins that started vlogging about random crap and are now pretty famous online. This has inspired me to make it on to The Tatler List myself. Go on Tatler…do it! Slot me in between Sam-Cam and Count Nikolai von Bismarck (that really famous photographer).

Anyway, majorly huge THANK YOU to my readers and keep coming back!



2 thoughts on “Vic-Twit!

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