BARNFriday evening was the birthday party of my friend Susan Husband, who is very very funny. So funny in fact that she is Bill Bailey’s Number 2 – not in the lavatory sense, more in the Batman/Batgirl sense (notice I didn’t say Batman/Robin).

On Friday, for her birthday, she threw a party which involved a quiz that the guests designed. We were asked to come with 10 questions that we had prepared, combining two subjects that we know a lot about. Mine: Horror movies & Pottery Barn. Oh yes!

Apparently the guests loved my round so I have whacked it online as a multiple choice quiz for the world to try. It’s pretty ridiculous so…yeah…have fun!! It was slightly daunting to be a quiz master in front of Mark Lamarr (from my fave quiz show everrrrrrrrrrr “Shooting Stars”) and to attempt to be funny in front of comedy ledge Bill Bailey. However, Bill felt compelled to engage in a conversation about Pottery Barn with me afterwards and his wife told me I should write for a living!

Click here to be taken to the quiz.

And here’s one of my favourite clips of randomness from the “Shooting Stars” legacy:


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