Tonight at 8PM on BBC2 is the first episode of new series “The Great British Sewing Bee”. This is the show I worked on last summer/autumn as story producer. I had a major laugh working on this show.The Great British Sewing Bee

Apart from the fact that the production team were all absolutely great (I’m seeing them all tonight to toast the first episode as it airs), it was an awesome show to produce. People in my life have said to me “Sewing? Really?” I thought the same thing when I started, but it’s surprisingly gripping. It’s said to be the new bake-off – and why not? Who’d of thought a bunch of people bent over mixing bowls and ovens, waiting to see if their ciabattas will rise, would grip the nation like it has done! But now, “The Great British Bake-off” has a cult following. Debra Waters of Time Out London has sort of slated our show, saying that “watching people hunched over a table sewing clothes simply doesn’t appeal to the senses in the same way as watching people create and consume food does”. Oh Deb, lighten up! If you can find drama in a bit of beating and whisking, I assure you, you can find it in piping and stitching. Trust me, I was there.

Above all else, this show was great for me professionally as it was my first story producer role – I also did some PD-ing (producing/directing) on this series as well. I mentioned it briefly in my post of October 15th – the post was entitled “Bad Blogger” because I had neglected my blog for a couple of weeks thanks to my work on this show taking over my life, and I felt the need to explain myself. In the past few months, this blog has been referenced by a sewing forum. One of the women on it stumbled across my blog’s mention of the show and reported back to the rest of the sewers on the forum. One sewer in particular (screen name “Demented Fairy”) then proceeded in slating my blog, having been drawn into reading it further: (quote) “I got drawn into reading more of this guy’s blog – what a load of £$%*^&^*&)(*()*_(*_!!!!!!! Ah well, takes all sorts!” To which another sewer (screen name “Jewels”) said (quote) “Well said, I thought I was the only one thinking that.” This was briskly followed by another lovely lady (screen name “Hevsi” (I am presuming it’s a lady)) who said (quote) “I instantly felt compelled to go and read further but then just as instantly realized I couldn’t be bothered…” Nice ladies, real nice!

I hope they enjoy the show though. Their anticipation of it, on their forum, seems rather negative. You’d of thought these women would embrace the fact that the BBC have chosen to make a series about their pastime. No doubt this gaggle of women will take to their discussion threads at 9PM tonight as the end credits roll (look out for my name girls), and pick apart the show like they pick apart their mis-stitched patchworks.

More info can be found on the show here, on the BBC’s website, and check out my friend Claire-Louise’s blog, who was the technical consultant on the show and talks about her work on it here. Or, you know, don’t. But watch it tonight if you like me and want to support me in my battle against the bloodthirsty geese of The Sewing Forum. Also, can I point out that presenter Claudia Winkleman is aGAGGLE riot to work with. Love her!

While I am talking about the BBC and its presenters, I’ll mention that this morning I interviewed a great BBC institution Sir Terry Wogan, for an article I am writing. Nicest. Man. On. The. Planet. More of that to come soon…

– – A


One thought on “It’s SEW the new bake-off!

  1. The sewing community in general is very nice but I have no idea why sewing forums generate ill comments… Not a few but loads of threads of haters out there.. Changing to a better subject… The show was fantastic … Just wanted to say that…

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