My second “commission” for restaurant review site Bookatable was to interview Michael Parkinson about his side-career as a restauranteur. Obviously I was able to land the gig with Parky as I know him. This is the second time I have interviewed him (the first was for a behind-the-scenes segment for one of his other projects and was an on-camera piece) and it’s always pretty daunting seeing as he is widely regarded as The King of Chat! Although I’m used to being around him it’s quite another thing to INTERVIEW him, seeing as he is a veteran in this art. It is indeed an honour as well – not many get such a chance and I personally think if you survive it having done a job that he thinks is “half-decent” then you’re on to a good thing!

Michael was more than willing to take part in this and gave me a great feature that can be read in full by clicking here. When I think about the fact that he was the face of Saturday night TV and that the stars of show-business were fighting to be sat in one of his interviewee seats (that were locked in a forward position, at the request of Michael, so that his subject was unable to “swing about”) for nearly 4 decades, it admittedly makes me feel rather proud. To interview someone who has interviewed EVERYONE is a nice notch to have on my media bedpost.

– – A


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