Awards season makes us all a bit more cultured, because we find ourselves watching films of a more intelligent ilk. For example, last year I spent January watching the likes of “Melancholia”, “We Need To Talk About Kevin” & “The Iron Lady”, whilst normally you’d find me watching things like “Jennifer’s Body”, “Easy A” & “Shark Night 3D”.

Last night I watched “Django Unchained”, the new Tarantino. It was awesome, I thoroughly reccommend it if you’re a Tarantino fan. It was waaaaayyyyyyy too long – like nearly 3 freakin’ hours – but I have to say, it held my attention the whole way through which is hard to do (I have the patience of an irritable terrier). This kind of genre isn’t ordinarily my thing (i.e. films about the Deep South or the Wild West). I am a major fan of the “Kill Bill” franchise, but I guess that’s more “obvious” entertainment – what’s not to love about a martial arts expert seeking vengence on the people who ruined her wedding. Plus Lucy Liu is in it, and I met her once. But “Django” is an enjoyable movie, even if you’re not a fan of the genre.

For the full verdict, check out my review for the local paper: http://www.windsorexpress.co.uk/Entertainment/Cinema/Film-News/Review-Django-Unchained-23012013.htm. And the below picture is of the best scene in the film.

– – A



4 thoughts on “PUBLISHED: Django Unchained review

    • Ha. It’s SUCH a great scene isn’t it. Although the film is pretty standard Tarantino, there’s something about it that I think makes it more appealing, even if you’re not usually a fan. Glad you enjoyed it Annie X

      • I don’t normally watch any film more than once but, as soon as Django ended, I turned to my husband and told him that this is one film I would like to see again just to see action that I probably blinked my way through, and missed!

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