Happy New Year!

2012 was an interesting one — whilst I had previously lost track of pursuing my creative writing in the years before that, 2012 was the year I started pursuing it seriously again. I want to write professionally, and I feel I started to take steps towards this last year: I began to write journalistically, I began to approach book agents about my novel and I started this blog.ORANGE BOOK

The beginning of a new year is a double-dose of newness for me as my birthday is January 8. Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. I don’t want to dwell too much on the fact that this will be my last year as a twenty-something, lest I start to hyperventilate into a paper bag, but obviously it’s a milestone. So I wanted to set myself a particular goal for it…

This Christmas Eve I watched “Julie & Julia” (followed by “Viva Forever: The Spice Girls Story” but let’s not go there). Those of you who have followed this blog from it’s inception last year will know that an inspiration of mine is Julie Powell, who the movie is about – she began a blog, setting herself an aim to complete every recipe in Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art Of French Cooking” within a year. She did it, she turned 30 in the process and she ended up with a book deal.

Now, I’m not saying that by trying something like this I am hoping to get a book and a movie made of my endeavours, that’s not the point of this; however, I do want to use this year on my blog to conduct my own Julie Powell-esque experiment.

I have acquired myself a book – not “Mastering The Art Of French Cooking”, but my own version of it. I scoured Amazon for the best one out there and while I normally loathe any type of publication that “tells” you “how” to “do” something, I needed something to go by. I have in front of me “Getting Published” by Harry Bingham. It’s billed as “The Essential Guide For Authors” and praised as being “invaluable for writers of all kinds” by Mark le Fanu from the Society of Authors. So I am instigating, on the eve of my 29th birthday, PROJECT 2/9. Over the course of the coming year, I plan to work my way through this book, and directly follow its tips on getting my own work published.

The subject: my novel, BLUE BOOK“Tyler Holland”, which up until now I have been cagey about. I guess you don’t like to go into too much detail about something you consider to be your “baby”. But the aim is to see where I can get with this. It’s also unfinished, so PROJECT 2/9 is also about the completion of it…that way, if I fail miserably at getting it in front of a publisher this year, at least I can try and achieve a secondary aim of completing it – something totally within my control.

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve with this self-assignment, which will unfold as the quest progresses – these include certain strategies I have dreamt up and a ficticious woman named Bucky McGreer. But that will come later. I will also continue to blog about other things, as I have been – but the “theme” that will run through 2013 is PROJECT 2/9.

I almost called this “Project: Tyler Holland”, but decided against it. Yes, my main aim is to push this novel, but last year a book agent asked me to send him a sample of something else I had written which is what I will be doing soon. So this is a general quest to get one of my works published at least. And with this in mind, below is a blurb about my first novel, to whet your appetite for what I am using to sell myself. Then keep following as I make a start on PROJECT 2/9…

– – A

Tyler Holland has everything. Affluence and accomplishment; property and possession; strong family ties; a raucous sex life; tight friendships; striking looks; notoriety, influence, power. He is the epitome of materialistic success.

But when the people closest to him begin announcing their dabblings in what Tyler calls “sentimental success”, he starts to panic. Struck with a sudden fear that he might be overtaken by the endeavours of others, Tyler allows his eccentric personality to lead him down a dark path. One by one, he selects his prey and begins to sabotage the lives of the people he holds most dear. Tyler finds himself blackmailing, corrupting, villainising and destroying the people that trust him…and enjoying every second of it.

A story about the pressures that the modern man in the 21st Century feels to balance raw success with societal expectation; a story about the black thirst of ambition, selfishness and moral-free greed; a story about a thoroughbred sociopath.


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