So, ye olde blog is picking up readers from all over. I’m sending it to various publications, agencies are looking at it, have been getting work from it, its being referred to by a group of bitter women on a sewing forum (don’t ask, but if you ARE intrigued click here to hear a seamstress called “Demented Fairy” slagging me off). Anyway, the site isn’t being read by just friends, family, my cat and people I pay to read it anymore. In trying to use it as a PR thaaaaaaang for myself and my work, I wanted to spruce up the publicity for it and so last week did a ‘lil photoshoot for it. Starring, well, yes, me. I said in my first ever blog post that this whole thing is a self-marketing tool, full disclosure, so I wanted to jazz things up a bit and get my face out there, along with my writing. Yep, I’m a whore. This is why authors write books – jacket covers!!!

Check out the gallery below of me in various scenarios behind my NEW DESK (see this post if you missed the story about that one). Also, thanks to the splendid work of Charlotte Drury, who came over and did the whole Annie Leibovitz thing for me – her shoes came off, she cracked open a bottle of white and told me to make love to the lens…


2 thoughts on “Drew Drawls Publicity

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