When it “snows” it pours.CALLOW

Friday afternoon saw my first article for Bookatable.com go live – if you missed it, check out Friday’s blog post which features the link to it by clicking here; and this week kicks off with my first theatre review for the local media group, featuring namely  in the Windsor & Maidenhead newspapers.

I went to the press night of A Christmas Carol last week at the Arts Theatre in Soho, with my Wicked Stepmother Sally. We had discussed going to see Simon Callow’s “The Mystery of Charles Dickens” a couple of months ago, but time didn’t permit that. So when this came up we jumped at the chance. It was SUCH a great evening, and a wonderful start to Christmas. But this production wasn’t all fluffy candy cane Christmas cheer, wrapped up in a big bow and sprinkled with sugary glitter – the play was very dark, in truth. It made me think about Dickens’ original story and how, in essence, it is actually a sad tale about a tragic character who is literally haunted by the spirits of his mistakes and regrets; it just takes the Christmas season to coax him into happiness. The play reflected this so exquisitely – but all this is in my review, so click on the below links to read it on either the Windsor or Maidenhead sites – although apparently it’s appearing in all papers across the county!



I’ll be attending the Viva Forever press night on Wednesday so look out for my review for that later in the week. Posh is seeing in the night before, damn it. I checked!

– – A


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