…then a parade it shall be because today is Thanksgiving!!! I wanted to use my blog to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Americans out there, and thank you for reading my posts over the last few months. I have the ability to stalk my readers and its always great to see that you’re keeping an eye on me in the states.

I LOVE this holiday and I curse the UK for not celebrating it! I know its nothing to do with us but, damn it, why can’t we jump on the bandwagon?!? The rest of the planet stole Christmas from the Israelis right, so why can’t we steal Thanksgiving from the Americans? What I love about it, is that it’s a celebration of Autumn and the start of Christmas. I’ve spent I think 4 Thanksgivings in America and there’s something about strategically placing decorative vegetables around your property, mixing sweet potatoes with marshmallows, serving salad with a roast dinner and watching re-runs of “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes that is just very comforting. When I own my mansion, I’m going to throw massive Thanksgiving dinners every year for my friends & family and try and get the holiday instilled over here. Be warned. Until then I shall just pretend I’m American by creating decorative centrepeices for my apartment, like the one that currently sits on my dining table with no-one to pass the cranberry jelly over the top of…

Talking of “Friends” re-runs – how amazing were the Thanksgiving epsiodes?! I used to love that every year there’d be some random guest joining them for dinner and causing a scene. My first Thanksgiving in the states was in 2002 when they aired the episode that Rachel’s crazy sister, Amy, turned up and got worked up about Ross & Rachel not giving her their baby if the hypothetical situation occurred that they both died. The fantastic thing about these episodes was that they rang true. The holidays are a time for ridiculous family spats – this is actually the kind of thing my sister and I would row about. One Christmas Eve, my friends Danielle & Charlotte had a slanging match about which side of the fireplace their presents were laid out traditionally on, on Christmas morning. Like, this was an actual tiff. I swear there were tears a-brewin’. It was fantastic.

So Happy Holidays to my loved ones in New York & California, eat loads of food, watch the game and make sure you all have at least one entertaining row with a sibling! Then bring on Christmas!


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