I should stress that “Wicked Stepmother” is a term of endearment!!

Just a quickie to remind my readers to tune in to Sky Arts HD tonight at 9PM to catch “Parkinson: Masterclass” – the show I Associate Produced earlier in the year. In tonight’s premiere episode, Parky chats to Jamie Cullum. It’s a good one to kick off with given that Michael essentially gave Cullum his big break back in the 90s, when he appeared on “Parkinson”. The two reminisce about their first meeting before analysing Cullum’s career to date. The difference with this show is that there’s a lot of demonstration involved – Jamie talks Michael through how he comes to write and compose a song. He performs several tracks, including two Rihanna songs – his own spin on “Umbrella” & “Don’t Stop The Music”, which is phenomenal. Check it out. And keep an eye out for my father and step-mother in the background, when one of the audience members is asking Jamie a question. You can’t miss Dad – the look of concentration on his face is TV Gold (see picture opposite).

The series continues for another 5 weeks, in the run up to Christmas, finishing off on December 18 with Michael Morpurgo, writer of “War Horse”. I went down to Devon to pre-interview him – SUCH  a lovely man! We had breakfast in his nook! Other guests on the series include Carlos Acosta, Don McCullin, Jonathan Yeo & Lang Lang – the latter’s episode was attended by my Mum who accosted Lang Lang in the green room after the show and, after a few complimentary wines, proceeded to tell the internationally renowned concert pianist how adorable he was. Oh, Pip! Always good to include the parents, right??!

Team Lion/Donkey/Moose/Banana/Mike Jr/Madame T forever!


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