Exciting news from me — I’ve actually known about this for a week or so but didn’t want to go on about it in case it all went up in smoke and I embarrassed myself publicly (wouldn’t be the first time). I HAVE BEEN COMMISSIONED TO WRITE AN ARTICLE. Swing it high!

My sister Katie has been acting as my PR since beginning this blog. She’s done things like posted my artsy articles on artsy magazines’ Twitter pages etc. And she advised me to contact the company she works for – Bookatable – about being a guest blogger for their site. Cut to a few weeks later and they have offered me a piece to write. It’s about the best places for private dining in London. I seem to have inadvertently picked up on a bit of a trend here – restaurant reviewing. First Waitrose, now this. Am I destined to be the new Michael Winner? Hopefully not – but still, this wasn’t an area I expected to go into but I have to say, its fantastic.

The places I am to write about are incredible. I was sent the final list this week and there are some splendid venues on there – weirdly, when the list came through on my blackberry on Wednesday night, I was on a train, on my way to one of the venues on the list. Just by coincidence. I was only there for drinks but tried to sneak up to the private dining section to get a look at it but was swiftly removed before I could utter the words “unhand me sir, don’t you know who I am?” Anyway, this is very exciting for me, to be recognised and paid for my writing and only a couple of months since launching this site!

I’ll obviously post the link when the piece is completed and its up on Bookatable’s website – my deadline is a couple of weeks away yet so keep your eyes peeled nearing the start of Christmas party season!

– – A


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