I had to share this — I was reviewing the stats for my blog yestersday after publishing “Bullock. As in Sandra” (thank you to the 112 people who have read it so far!) and I was looking over what search terms have been entered into Google and consequently have led people to my site. Amongst the more tame “who will be presenting the Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2 in 2013” and “Y-O-U apostrophe R-E means You Are. Y-O-U-R means Your!” I came across this gem:

“How will you know if a woman have a sex demon in her?”

I can only assume that Google led this inquistive young whippersnapper to my post of September 20th 2012 “Demon – OUT!” in which I reviewed possession movies. I’m not sure they would have found the answer to their question but then again, who knows? I would like to extend my best wishes to the person who had this issue and hope that you were able to eventually distinguish whether the woman in your life had been possessed by a demonic sex pest or not; and I do hope that you were able to use it to your advantage…

– – A


2 thoughts on “Sex Demon!

  1. Maybe the post was from a sex demon who wanted to get out and didn’t know whether the woman knew or not. Thoughtful sex demon. Have yourself an almond slice.

    • Given the poorly constructed sentence of the search entry, I would happily accept this theory. Sex demons are often semi-literate, bless them. Grab a cherry bakewell while you’re at it.

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