Those of you who very dedicatedly followed the launch of my website and my blogs will have possibly noticed that I’ve been as quiet as a mouse over the last 3 weeks. Either that or you have been thankful for the respite. Apologies about this to any “fans” that I might have garnered (yes, that’s right, I’m calling you “fans”). My initial absence from cyberspace is that I skipped town and headed out to Spain for a quick family break in the sun. This started off badly when my journey out there involved me penning a complaint email on my blackberry whilst waiting for a connecting flight in Madrid (this story will be saved for a future blog post about my series of unfortunate air-travel ventures over the course of the last year – thank God I’m not too much of an aviophobic!) I then woke up on the first day of my holiday to drizzle and cloud which would have prompted me to write ANOTHER complaint letter, this time to the MET Office, but thankfully the rest of the week was blissfully hot and sunny!

I returned from that trip to go straight into my current job, on the sister show to The Great British Bake Off. My life has been enveloped by the world of sewing!! The Great British Sewing Bee will hit your screens in March. I don’t know a thing about needlework but now, I tell you, if you ask me what an underarm gusset or a rouleau loop is, I will be able to tell you in explicit detail. My experience on this show started off as rather funny – I wasn’t quite sure how the premise of it would work. But it’s compelling. I can’t go into too much detail lest I get fired, but if you think about how stitchers work with sharp needles, machines that jab at your finger-area in rapid succession, pinking shears and irons filled with steaming water, you can see where the drama comes from. Chuck a load of eager contestants into a room, give them a time limit to make an A-line skirt and ask them to talk to the camera while they’re trying to concentrate and you have TV gold, I tell you!

We’re halfway through shooting the series and my role as Story Producer/Director has literally meant I have been living, breathing, eating this show. But I’m enjoying it immensely. Sadly, it’s meant that I have neglected my site a little over the last couple of weeks. But I will be back on track again soon, I’m sure. In the meantime, here’s some artsy stuff to look out for on my recommendation:

CINEMA: “Sinister” – go and see it, now! It’s incredibly macabre and magnificently chilling. I guess it’s of the same ilk as something like “The Ring” in that we’re dealing with creepy footage of weird shit that some guy stumbles across, looking for inspiration. It also feels very much like “The Strangers”, in its setting and style. See it – perfect film in the run up to Halloween.

TV: “Made In Chelsea” is BACK tonight!  It’s BACK BITCHES!!! Making “TOWIE” look like a lost puppy at a carnival, I for one can’t wait to see what the outcome of Ollie’s haircut is; whether Millie has got Professor Green to appear in any more episodes; if Mark-Francis is still treating Jana like a foreign shag-pile rug; if Caggie has realised she’s not too good for the show; and if Gabriella is still amazingly insane!

MUSIC: Brandy released her first album in 4 years today. “Two Eleven” is out now and she’s back on form. Her voice IS her instrument. She hasn’t tried to do the Usher/Chris Brown/Rihanna dance thing (even though I happen to love those three artists and would probably LOVE it if she did try and jump on their band wagon); she has, I think, mixed the styles from her albums “Never Say Never”, “Afrodisiac” and “Full Moon” together, which is what I wanted her to do pretty much. Also, check out Ellie Goulding’s “Halcyon” and DJ Fresh’s “Nextlevelism”.

LITERATURE: On holiday I read Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History”. Recommended to me by my fellow English scholar Hayley Kaimakliotis, it was apparently “right up my street”. And was it indeed! A group of over-indulged New England scholars band together in the name of hedonism and accidentally kill someone – and then kill the member of their friendship group who is dangerously close to spilling the beans on their scandalous activities due to his mental instability. A fascinating tale of how these students deal with their actions, deal with guilt and deal with each other. Superb.

The recurring theme here appears to be spoilt brats, killing people and…Brandy. I’m baaaaaack!


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