Sunday evenings have become pub quiz night for my circle of friends. Well, I say “have become” — we’ve done it 3 times now. During the first we were attacked by mosquitos; at the second, I was drunk on red wine and was cheating on my phone, consequently appalling my friend Charlotte Drury; on Sunday, the table NEXT to us were drunk, and THEY were cheating, to which I “tsk-d” at them disapprovingly like a gargantuan hypocrite. We have never won, but last week did get honorable mention for our team name which always has to be current and topical – my team-mate Jonathan Niker came up with “Nutkins’ Nuts Nibbled No More”. This of course refers to the deceased Terry Nutkins. How distasteful. That deserves another “tsk” I think – although I’m sure I’d be praising Mr. Niker if this had won the team name prize of a nice bottle of plonk. Not that I’d of got a look in with professional winos Jonathan Niker & Sarah Collins on my team.

I massively digress because the point of this post is to congratulate Ellen DeGeneres on her recent star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The reason I’m banging on about pub quiz is because I didn’t know Ellen had been awarded this until there was a question about it during the quiz. Aren’t I a terrible fan!? How that passed me by, I don’t know. I must have been experiencing one of my black-outs! Anyway, it deserves a mention on my blog because I feel it is such a deserved honour for DeGeneres, whose career I have followed for years and admire massively. She has had 2 sitcoms, a talk-show, numerous comedy tours and was Dory the fish. Hell, give her two Hollywood stars!

Perhaps this honour comes a little late in her career, given that there are younger and less deserved celebs who have their name on that famous sidewalk, but it’s better late than never! It reminds me of a quote from George Eliot: “It is never too late to be what you might have been”. I love this quote – whatever stage you are in life, you can still aim to be the person or do the things you always wanted to.

I also learnt that night that Aqua have released more than one album! So it’s off to Amazon’s Aqua store for me…

– – A


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